Friday, 6 November 2015

Halloween Fun at The Pad

My last couple of posts have been all about my recent visit to Cornwall, and I still have stories to tell you all from said trip. But I wanted to fill you in on my Halloween antics before it's too out of date!

I adore Halloween as I'm a horror fan, and love the weird and wonderful. Plus it's the time of autumn, pumpkins and big woolly jumpers so I'm all for it!

Each year we try to do something different. Scarefest at Alton Towers was a particularly good one, and we've popped along to the local cinema on more than one occasion to see old school horror films make a big screen return. This year wasn't far off, but instead of popping along to Cineworld, we went to The Pad, a local nightclub, to watch a screening of Scream.
Previous Halloween being eaten

First, a Pad history lesson. An old terrace house tucked away in Lurke Street, a back street of Bedford, the Pad has been up and running as a club in one of its several guises for decades. Always a place for and run by real music lovers, Winkles, Limehaus and now the Pad has catered for mods, rockers, the indie crowd, held drum and bass, dubstep and garage events, hosted silent discos and generally been home for me and many others for a long time. I spent most weekends for years in the Pad, the only place bar The Hob where skinny jeans, Converse and a band tee was acceptable and expected evening wear. Plus it was the only place I could listen to Bloc Party, We are Scientists and Maximo Park. The Pad has significant influence over events that occur in Bedford, and stepped in to host Halloween on behalf of Cults for Cats Protection.

The Pad already has a pretty underground feel, with bare brick walls, low lighting and dark paint, so the Halloween decorations - cobwebs, spiders and obscenities scrawled over every wall in glow-in-the-dark paint - looked right at home. The popcorn maker was churning, cakes and sweets lined up for sale, and the bar was open.
The Pad looking extra spooky
After buying our drinks and having a quick catch-up with friends who were also there, we took our seats and settled down for the movie. I'm sure most have you have seen Scream, so I won't be going into detail about the film, but I will say it's one of my absolute favourites! It was a nice, blood-soaked nostalgia trip!

As much as I love a night out, especially in fancy dress, it was really nice doing something a little different. Granted watching a film is in no way original at Halloween, but doing it sat in the middle of the dance floor, at your favourite nightclub, whilst the Addams' Family and Harley Quinn are in the rows next to you, is pretty special. And it was in all in aid of a good cause. A great night was had by all, and the cost of the ticket also gave you entry for the Pad's more traditional Halloween club night. We didn't take advantage of this, with an early start the next day. So off we headed home, for more movies, copious Halloween themed snacks, and a pint of Wychwood's Pumpking each.

There are plans in motion to show Die Hard and Elf over the Christmas period at The Pad, so give them a follow on Facebook to keep up-to-date of any news. If you buy tickets for both, it will work out cheaper - bargain! I'll be the one in the corner, wearing my Christmas jumper and stuffing myself with mince pies!

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