Friday, 20 November 2015

B Jewellery

A while back, I worked in the jewellery trade, selling gorgeous twinklies to whoever might want them. I moved out of that world a couple of years ago, but an incredibly talented friend of mine broke out on her own, and began designing, making and selling her own range of silver and gold jewellery, and bespoke pieces.

Belynda (Bel) has turned her hand to everything a customer has asked her to make, as well as producing some incredibly beautiful, imaginative pieces for her collection. She even produced my friends wedding bands. They were seriously pleased!

Last Saturday, Market Harborough hosted a craft fair in the town square. Bel had taken her jewellery down for the day, and I tagged along to help out (shop!). We had a great day. It's a beautiful town, and we spent the day surrounded by extremely talented people. There are some wonderful things to be found at these kind of events, I cannot encourage you enough to attend any that are local to you. I loved wandering off for a mooch around the stalls. I picked up some incredibly beautiful christmas decorations, courtesy of Very Shabby, Very Chic ( Beautiful vintage goods are on offer, from decorations, photo frames, candle holders... I could have spent a fortune! A woman very much after my own heart when it comes to style. Do visit her Facebook page via the link above and see where she's heading to next, her stall is well worth the visit, plus she's such good fun!

Back to the jewellery! People love the fact that Bel offers gorgeous products that are all handmade, a lot of love and attention to detail are poured into her creations, and her customers can tell that. As she says, she only makes jewellery that she would want to wear! The other incredible thing about B Jewellery are the prices. Unlike high street jewellers, Bel sources her materials, makes every piece herself and directly deals with each customer, allowing her to be fair and reasonable on her prices. You get a lot of sparkle for your money!

I love helping her out when she has craft days. I get to hark back to my jewellery selling days, seeing if I still have the knowledge lurking in my grey matter. I also get to spend time with a highly valued friend, and I get to play with all of her wonderful creations, so it's a real win-win situation! Spending time with customers, witnessing their pleasure at buying something gorgeous, and hearing the stories behind their purchase is something I've missed from my time in jewellery retail, Bel lets me go back to it. People are always amazed that she produces all of these things herself. Even I am, and I've known her for years!

I'm lucky enough to have my very own collection of B Jewellery loveliness floating around in my jewellery box. I've got more on the way! Plus it's wonderful to know that other friends of mine have viewed Bel's work and loved it so much, they trusted her to make the most important pieces of jewellery they will own, their wedding rings. With Christmas coming up, her website really is the place to look, whether you're looking for something special for a loved one, or looking for an extra special something to complete a festive outfit (boys, that's aimed at you too, she makes fantastic cufflinks, tie pins etc.). Take a look at her collections and some of her bespoke pieces at Alternatively, I will be manning the helm at Market Harborough on the 28th November, Bel will be there on the 27th, so why not pop down and say hi. The Christmas lights will be going on that weekend and festive cheer will be all around! 
One of my pieces, the Talking Parrots. It's always commented on!

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