Thursday, 5 November 2015

Cornish Adventure part 2

After drinking St Ives dry on our Sunday day out, and waking up to some horrendous rain on Monday, we decided to take a drive into Newquay and visit some of our favourite haunts. As much as I love all parts of Cornwall, Newquay holds a special place in my heart, simply because it was the first place I visited there.

It was a late start to the day. Heads were sore, mouths were dry and breakfast couldn't be faced, so recovery time was needed. Eventually dragging ourselves from bed, showering and dressing, we made our way out. First stop was at Healey's Cyder Farm on the way to Truro. An odd choice for the day after a mammoth drinking session, I know, but there is so much to do there, not to mention one of the best cream teas you can buy. Plus we needed to stock up on their famous Rattler!

It's changed drastically in the year it has been since we last visited, with a more contemporary entrance, the huge viewing platform/giant barrel inserted at the front, plus the tours now have a different look. As was before, you can tour the entire facility, including a tractor ride around the orchards, watching the cider-making and bottling process, learning how generations used to make cider, visiting the cellar and jam kitchen, and (the best part) visiting the taster bar. But they now offer extended or shorter tours, self-led tours and a chance to clamber up to the viewing platform. Having completed the tour on more than one occasion, and running behind on our day, we decided to have a mooch around the farm, visiting their resident cart horse in the stables, indulged in the obligatory cream tea (jam first, then cream) and purchased our goodies.

Once we hit Newquay, the hangover hunger massively kicked in, regardless of scones and lashings of jam, so we paid a visit to Jon Buoys fish and chip shop up on the hill. Literally the best fish and chips I've ever tasted, the fish freshly caught, and with a view of the coast to die for as you eat, we always go here. This time around they served up some much needed grub, aided by the fresh, salty air.

Afterwards, we took a much-needed stroll around the town centre, popping in to some of our favourite shops, even picking up a Christmas decoration along the way. One of my must-visits is Cornish Cream, effectively a Cornish hamper in a shop, where you can pick up the most gorgeous bottle of sparkling strawberry wine, Cornish Sunset, or cream teas pre-packed in wicker baskets as gifts. Luckily you can now order online from them, so I can always get my fix -

Feeling much better for food, fresh air and exercise, we stopped for a drink before heading back for a cozy night in, feet up, snacks out and movie on. Who says that staying in can't happen on holiday?!

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