Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas is coming...

Finally, it's allowed to be said, (the Coca Cola advert has been seen, so it's official), Christmas is indeed coming.

I love this time of year , with all it's shimmer and socialising. I'm not one of the many out there that begin to get excited in September, but I do enjoy the build up - buying the presents, decorating the house, taking part in the multitude of festive events that start cropping up.

Having had to dispose of my old tree last year (it had given up the ghost), and wanting new colours to replace the old, I've started from scratch this year, to my bank manager's dismay no doubt. But I have acquired some beautiful decorations, I'm itching to put them up!

My Christmas, like most others, has its traditions. It's always spent with my grandparents, who are generous to a fault, keeping everyone well fed and hydrated for the day. When I asked what I could provide to contribute to the day, my grandfather requested some of the homemade wine I gifted them last year, as he hadn't had the opportunity to try the last batch (my nan had demolished it with a friend of hers one evening), so my demijohn is, again, bubbling away like a demented cauldron in the corner of the kitchen. It will hopefully be ready for bottling 5 days before Christmas, so this year is promising to be quite a boozy affair!

We popped along to the Christmas evening held at Frost's last week, to take a look at their displays and see if we could pick up anything else to add to the already grotto-shaped mass of baubles and tinsel in the corner of the living room. They had a wonderful live band playing, the wine was flowing, the mince pies were being passed out, and everyone was merry. Trees festooned with all manner of decorations in every shape, size and colour towering over the shoppers, lights twinkling, flashing and glimmering from all corners. It was all really rather lovely, and certainly seemed to be cajoling everyone into the spirit of the season.

There's so much coming up over the next few weeks to look forward to. The big Christmas light switch-on in Bedford will be taking place on Thursday evening, so you'll find me propped up with some good friends in The Embankment Hotel, with some mulled wine and possibly a Christmas jumper. Friday sees me off into London for a theatre trip with a generous friend who's treating me, before whizzing back for Saturday, when I'll be in Market Harborough for their lights switch-on and manning the jewellery stall at the craft fair for my lovely friend Bel. Sunday, the decorations are going up, and the Castle Quarter Christmas celebrations will be in full swing. Then on to more festive shenanigans the following weekend. Photos and stories will follow!

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