Thursday, 1 October 2015

Social media domination afoot

I have finally sat myself down and set up the A Little Bit of Everything Twitter account. I am incredibly lazy when it comes to social media, so it is no mean feat!

I'll be posting up my blog entries, tweeting photos, and generally being hilarious and charming (or attempting to be. Anyone that knows me will quickly inform you that the person who finds me the most funny is, well, me).

Already, after about an hour of the account being open, my blog views have flown upwards, so anyone reading this through the Twitter links, thank you! It's amazing how one platform can connect us to so many people. I'm finding it increasingly amazing to see where people are viewing ALBoE from, it's fantastic! One of the many pleasures I've had since starting out is watching to see what country I can get a view from next. I won't be stopped until I've reached all of you!

You can find me at, so please do take a look. If you're a frequent Tweeter it will be a convenient way for you to see all latest posts and some of the older ones should you want to.

Also, don't forget that I am now up and running on Instagram and Pinterest, links to all social media pages can be found at the top of any blog page.

While I'm here, I wanted to say thank you for making this such a pleasant journey so far, and for taking time out of your day to read my craziness. It means a lot and doesn't go unnoticed. You're all a bit lovely really!

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