Friday, 2 October 2015

Annnd stop

Wow it's been a hectic week. My normally calm work life has gone full-on bonkers, which is great in it's own way - the days go quicker and I feel completely useful - but it has led to me being (yet again) completely anti-social. Instead of venturing out, I've taken root on my sofa, indulging in colouring (see Instagram for pictures), and watching a combination of the Great British Bake-Off, True Blood and Game of Thrones. I have started a part-time college course which takes place on a Monday evening, meaning my brain is engaged for far too long and too early during the week for me to be any use to anybody for the rest of it. I am seriously looking forward to my weekend.

I'm not crazily booked up this weekend, so I'm looking forward to a relaxed one. I may stick myself in the kitchen and try my hand at making green tomato chutney. I have an abundance of green tomatoes, my batch deciding not to redden (with the exception of one determined bruiser at the back), and it seems a pity for them to just be chucked on the compost, and I'll post the recipe when I see the results. It's either that or defrost some of the Victoria plums currently residing in my freezer. This may be a better bet, as, what with all the frozen fruit living in there, I have absolutely zero space for any actual food!
Lonesome red tomato
Apart from that and decanting the rest of my Slider and Cranberry vodka (see earlier posts), I'll be taking care of my neglected little garden. Having hastily shoved some winter plants in last weekend, I've given it next to no love and the local slugs seem to be taking full advantage of my absence. Sprinkle a cinema trip to see Everest and perhaps a cheeky drink on Sunday lunchtime while dinner is stewing in the oven and that's me taken care of.
Before Team Slug got their grubby suckers on them
There's a huge amount of activity coming up in the next few weeks - the Bedford Ale Festival starts this Wednesday, a naming ceremony and a lovely friend's birthday follow next weekend, then heading towards Apple Day, Bedford Chilli Festival, Halloween, Bonfire Night festivities and a theatre trip - so I'm going to try and enjoy doing very little while I can! As lovely as it is being busy and sociable, sometimes you just need to sit back and let things just happen at their own pace and relax, rather than plan every minute of every day.

Right, I'm off to yoga. I said I was taking this relaxation thing seriously!

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