Friday, 23 October 2015

Not so summer holiday

Last year's day trip to St Ives.
Where most people enjoy warm, sunny breaks away in the summer, this year I decided to book my break in October. Not just because autumn is beautiful and my favourite season, but the usual boring 'money/busy at work/don't have time in the summer months' excuses too.
July is normally my time of escape. Cornwall has become a ritual trip every year, so I'd shove a handful of summery clothes in a holdall, jump in the car, and 6 hours later we're there. Glorious sunny weather, endless stretches of beach and seas so blue they hurt your eyes. Needless to say my bikini will be staying firmly in its drawer this year. I love sea swimming, I don't love hypothermia.

I'm still seriously excited. Cornwall is just stunning, and I imagine autumn makes it even more beautiful. A bag full of jumpers and cosy knits will keep the cold at bay, and I'll be off stomping around the countryside. And maybe still getting my toes wet on the beach.

I normally stay in Newquay, I love water sports and the laidback surf culture there is my kind of thing. But this year I'm off to St Ives. I've visited before, but haven't stayed for longer than a day. I'm so looking forward to exploring. It really is a beautiful spot. Great views, wonderful places to eat, and an old-world charm that entices you to stay. Plus a friend of mine lives there, so I'm looking forward to a catch-up, over cocktails of course. That's not to say that I won't be retreading any familiar ground. I may have to pay a visit to Healey's Cyder Farm to stock up, and the temptation to visit one of my favourite restaurants in Newquay may result in a cross-county drive. Plus the shopping in Truro is pretty good...!

So I will be off the grid for a few days, but needless to say, I'll be reporting on my adventures when I get back. If I come back. I make no promises. Happy weekend everyone!

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