Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A quick catch-up

After a couple of weeks of threatening to happen, this weekend I finally succumbed to illness. Which was rubbish because we had so much planned that couldn't happen. A couple I am friends with had a naming ceremony for their lovely little boy, but I couldn't attend. A catch up with a friend home for a few days from Cornwall was missed. I was not impressed. I did manage to squeeze some fun in at least!

I did manage to pop to the Bedford Beer Festival on Friday, and spent a couple of hours trying various different local beverages. I even managed to convince my folks to attend this year, which was fun. They seemed to enjoy it, so I think it may become an annual outing! I love the festival. Anyone that reads this blog will know I enjoy beer, so it's no surprise I enjoy a festival dedicated to the stuff!. I also love the atmosphere, everyone is just looking for a relaxing evening, socialising with friends and enjoying a good drink or 3. I discovered some great local pints, and one of my favourites was present, Plum Mild produced by Banks & Taylor Brewery (http://www.banksandtaylor.com/index.htm )based in Shefford, Beds. It's a fruity dark beer, a little on the bitter side but with a hint of chocolate. And it goes down far too easily! It's served in my favourite 'proper' pub, the Wellington Arms, that's if you are lucky to grab a pint. It's a popular tipple! It was a lovely evening. Everyone is so friendly at these events, and it's always a popular place to be.

Unfortunately, Saturday was very much wasted. I hate being ill, there's always a sense of what was missed out on while you're languishing away in a heap of duvets, tissues and self-pity! So I dragged my backside out of bed on Sunday, determined to be more productive. What actually happened was that I was hugely spoilt.

We decided to drive to Milton Keynes and have a wander around the shops, but there was a purpose. A new hat and lipstick were on the agenda. First, a visit to the MAC counter in Debenhams. I've wanted a new autumnal colour for ages and finally had the opportunity to hunt one down. I wanted a berry colour, not too red. But as a blonde and as milky-white as can be, I thought this may be a struggle. However, it wasn't as traumatic as it could have been. After decorating my wrist with a selection of stripes, I found the perfect colour. Hang-Up is one of Mac's cremesheen range and described as a deep berry shade. The more you layer on the more intense the colour. Blotting it leaves a pretty, berry hue that lasts beautifully. It's a fab colour for this time of year, and you don't need the complexion of a sun bunny to carry it off.

Next up, I was hunting a hat. On my way around Covent Garden during a recent trip to the city to see Lord of the Dance, (see review here: http://lilysalittlebitofeverything.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/lord-of-dance-dangerous-game.html) I found a gorgeous hat in Accessorize. Oversized and floppy, in a lovely soft pink shade, it was perfect for autumn/winter days out. Rather than traipsing it around London, I decided to wait until I got home to buy it here, only to discover that my local store doesn't stock it. Luckily MK did not let me down! Find it here at http://uk.accessorize.com/view/product/uk_catalog/acc_5,acc_5.32/8910321400. Even nicer, I wasn't allowed to spend a penny, being treated to my lovely new goodies and a spiced pumpkin latte as well.

When we got home, the slow cooker was, the house smelled amazing and was warm and toasty. Reading and some colouring in the evening and I was worn out. A perfect Sunday.

I think I'm getting quite good at this!

I'm slowly on the mend thankfully, hopefully meaning I'll be posting more in the coming week. I'm determined to be completely healthy by next weekend, Apple Day approaches and I'm not prepared to miss out!

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