Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Noodle Kitchen, Newquay

I've left my yearly holiday a little late this year, I'm not heading off until late October. I'm an autumnal kind of girl though, so this suits me just fine! Instead of bikinis and sun hats, my jeans, boots and jumpers will be making the journey to Cornwall with me.

I adore Cornwall, it is beautiful. The gorgeous beaches and stunning scenery would be enough for me, but there is also hundreds of things to do, go to and see.  I had wanted to go for years (having fallen in love with it courtesy of one Daphne Du Maurier's story telling), but never seemed to find the time, until 4 years ago.
Beautiful scenery that keeps me coming back
Each time I have been, it's been to visit Newquay. Slightly more tourist filled than I'd necessarily like, we found a lovely B&B there and fell for it's laid-back charm. On my last visit, I discovered a lovely new restaurant and cocktail bar (new to me at least), The Noodle Kitchen. Offering healthy, pan-asian cuisine, it's a nice alternative to the traditional pub-grub and fish & chip culture of British seaside resorts. That's not to say that tradition is a bad thing but it's nice to have a choice!

Having wandered through through the town centre one evening, we found ourselves out the Noodle Kitchen reading the menu. Having already eaten, it was the extensive cocktail menu (http://www.thenoodlekitchen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/cocktail_26-06-14_landscape_white.jpg) that lured us in.

On reaching the top of the staircase, the restaurant opened up before us. Modern yet cosy, the bar to the left and the restaurant to the front of us, we were greeted at the door and, having explained we were there for drinks only, were shown to a table in the bar area and left to peruse the menu.

Having chosen and ordered our drinks (a Singapore Sling and a Mai Tai) we sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere. With incredibly friendly staff, gentle music on in the background, soft lighting and the hum of happy diners behind us, it was truly relaxing. We were able to watch our drinks being made, with the bar manager making it look like performance art. The cocktails were delicious. So delicious in fact, that we stayed for one (maybe two) more, and, with friends visiting us the next night from St Ives, visited again.

Our friends also loved it. It's such a nice place for quiet drinks with friends. You're able to enjoy the buzzing nightlife, but not be drowned out by obnoxiously loud music. It drew in quite an eclectic crowd during our visits - couples on dates, family outings for dinner, groups of friends, and, on one occasion, an enthusiastic hen do carrying all sorts of paraphernalia.
Our 2nd round (or was it 3rd...)
On our last night, we felt it was only right to indulge in dinner there. There dinner menu is as varied and impressive as their drinks list. The food was healthy and delicious. I can strongly recommend the Katsu Curry.

We'll be staying in St Ives during this next trip down south, and I'm seriously looking forward to discovering new places to visit, but I must admit, it's incredibly tempting to travel for our dinner for one night!

Take a look at The Noodle Kitchen website at http://www.thenoodlekitchen.co.uk/, and see for yourself how lovely it looks.

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