Thursday, 24 September 2015

Baking, Colouring and Bedtime Stories

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front the past few days, and it is, I'll admit, due to the fact I have been inordinately boring this week. As much as I love being here, there and everywhere, life (and work) will interrupt the fun occasionally.

That's not to say I haven't enjoyed my week. Having a lovely meal cooked by, and spending some quality time with, my best friend has been a highlight, as was reading her gorgeous little girl a bedtime story (everyone loves a good fairy story right?). That combined with a bit of Bake Off made for a lovely evening.

Tonight I'm assisting in the making of a good old Victoria Sponge Cake for a Macmillan Coffee Morning. I'll be using the 'all in one' method a la Mary 'Bezza' Berry. As in literally launching all ingredients in the food mixer in one fell swoop and letting it work its magic. I enjoy making more intricate fare, but sometimes there's nothing more satisfying than bunging a load of flour sugar and butter into a bowl without worrying about knocking the air out of it or being too heavy-handed.

Once the baking magic is complete I'll be settling down in my PJs to Game of Thrones and possibly a bit of colouring. Yes, I have joined the adult ranks of the colouring book world, a guilty pleasure I'm not too embarrassed to admit. The artwork in my book (Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta) is so intricate in its detail, you really feel like the artist. Which is no mean feat in my house, whenever I draw it looks like an attempt made by the foot of an over-excited elephant with glaucoma. I am slightly concerned that, as the nights get darker and colder, I'm going to forget how to socialise and will become an arty hermit. But I'm prepared to run that risk.

Other than that, I'm looking towards the weekend. I'm planning on getting some winter planting done, and perhaps a visit to the cinema. Anyone out there with an Unlimited Card, there is a preview viewing of The Martian showing on Sunday. Reviews are looking good, so I may pop along. I'll let you all know what I think! Book tickets here if you want to see it for yourself -

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