Monday, 7 September 2015

Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl 06.09.2015

I'm a huge music fan, always have been. Brought up by parents with differing tastes (The Jam, Blondie and The Who on one side, Green Day, Culture Club and Spandau Ballet on the other), it's safe to say my taste is eclectic.

I'm lucky enough to live near the Milton Keynes Bowl. Anyone who hasn't attended an event here, it is, quite literally, a huge grass bowl, with a stage in the middle of it. Huge gigs have taken place here in the past few years. I've managed to catch Bon Jovi, Nickleback, Take That (told you, eclectic taste), and Green Day on their mammoth Bullet in a Bible tour (I was right there at the front, you can probably here me declaring my undying love for Billie Joe on the DVD), all a comfortable 25 minute journey from my front door.
The scene behind us in the giant bowl
So, it was with excitement of epic proportions that I was given tickets for Foo Fighters' second date at the Bowl. Ask my workmate, I sat at my computer mute for a good 5 minutes when I got the email. The silence didn't last long, I ended up bounding around, not quite sure what to do with myself (think kid on Christmas morning finding out they're going to Disneyland, should give you a fair idea).
The Foos have topped the aforementioned wish list for a few years. I love them, pure and simple. I've worshipped Dave Grohl since his Nirvana days, Nevermind still being one of my all-time favorite albums, and he didn't disappoint. Still having to sit through the tour (having broken his leg and prompting many a 'Break a Leg' t-shirt purchases ever since), a throne has been built for him. A smoke-spewing, laser-shooting, light-up fiasco of a chair, all designed to travel around the stage looking like a Robot Wars' Sir Killalot-cum-Iron Throne bastard-child, ensuring the happiest man in rock still gets to do his thing, and has plenty of material for his between-song banter with the crowd, and the band. Taylor Hawkins' leggings were a big talking point on stage. I'm just jealous he carried them off better than I ever could!
The now-famous Foo Throne

To say they were brilliant would be an understatement. Playing enough of their current material to keep the show bang up to date, but not disappointing the life-long fans by throwing in plenty of songs from their hefty back-catalogue, it was a sight (and sound) to behold. Highlight of the night for me was 'Best of You', elongated by about 10 minutes due to the crowd's more than enthusiastic contribution, Grohl kicking back to have a drink and, wide-eyed, take it all in while we did the performing for him. It was nice to see that, after 20 years together, the band can still be taken aback by the sheer dedication and love their fans have for them. It was a serious goosebumps moment, with the audience holding the song together, phone lights raised in the air (the new-age lighter), everyone joined in that moment by their absolute joy of just being there.

Mobiles become the replacement lighter at rock gigs

Fantastics renditions of Arlandria, These Days, White Limo, and Everlong were also memorable highlights of a fantastic experience. Not failing to mention the brilliant support from Royal Blood, a band I've vaguely listened too, but would happily go out and grab their album now. Iggy Pop was also present and on great form, strutting his topless stuff around like the stage was his catwalk.
Iggy in his semi-naked glory

I'm so glad I finally got to experience the Foos live. I'll definitely be going when they come back to Blighty!
The curtain ripples as the band tease the crowd before bursting onto the stage


  1. Awesome Lily, a little jealous here :) I like the Foo Fighters too, my favourite songs are Everlong and album track Disenchanted Lullaby. I love the way that ones builds up gradually. Well, I'm into all sorts - any rock & metal (inc. the really heavy end), plus blues, jazz, some classical, folk, prog... Well, anything really, other than dance, techno, hip hop, etc. But the last gig I went to was in... 1992 though, so... hmmph... Too crowded, too expensive (not just the tickets, but the travel and everything too) - really handy for you having the MK Bowl so close by! :)

    1. Ah thank you! It was brilliant! I'm the same, I really enjoy all genres with the exception of a few. I love going to gigs, ironically because my miso doesn't seem so bad. I think it's because there is so much noise I can't focus on a particular sound.
      It's excellent having it close by! Still tricky with traffic, but no where near as bad as going further afield. You never know, I might convince you to go to a gig in the future!