Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday lounging with a hint of rhubarb

I never used to enjoy Sundays. They were the pre-cursor for whatever Monday had to offer - back to school, a fresh week at work etc. Now however, I love them. A languid, slow mooch into what the rest of the week has to offer, I'm usually found making something, going to the gym or spending time literally melding into my sofa catching up on all the T.V. I've missed recently. This bank holiday Sunday, I've done all of the above, happy in the knowledge that Monday can't do me any harm.

After spending a lazy morning enjoying breakfast and a good read, I took myself off to the gym (working off all that homemade cranberry vodka discussed in a previous post). I enjoy the gym once I'm into the swing of things, and generally want to participate in exercise, but something about weekend workouts tends to feel off-kilter, like relaxing time off work shouldn't be spent sweating away in a box-like room full of torture devises. But with an extra day to while away not at my desk, I figured I should probably utilise my membership!

On my return home, I hit the kitchen. I'm lucky to work with 2 lovely ladies who both grow delicious rhubarb in their gardens, and I have had a hearty donation from both. The first batch is currently stored in my freezer, waiting to be soaked in vodka with a vanilla pod, to become my new favourite alcoholic beverage. I'll be posting more about this once I get round to actually making it!

The second batch had been specifically designated to make a rhubarb crumble, one of my parents favourite desserts. I'd never made it before (having never actually eaten rhubarb before), so it was an experiment in the making.

Firstly, I chopped up the rhubarb and laid it out on a baking tray, drizzled with roughly 8 tbsp of caster sugar and 4 tbsp of water, and popped into a pre-heated oven (180C) for about 12 minutes.

Whilst that was roasting away, I made the crumble component. 110g unsalted butter, 180g flour and 110g demerara sugar into a bowl and rub together until you achieve a crumb-like consistency. 

I removed the rhubarb from the oven, spooned it into an oven proof dish, and sprinkled the crumble mixture over the top. Then it was back into the oven for a further 35 minutes.
Once cooked, I let it cool for a little while, then whisked it off to my parents, where we enjoyed it with hot custard. I can safely say I am a rhubarb convert!

After enjoying dessert before dinner, and a lovely cup of tea, we decided to take a trip to one of our favourite pubs, the 3 Cups. Found on St Cuthbert's Street in Bedford, the 3 Cups is a real ale house full of character. A lovely atmosphere, friendly bar staff, and a really welcoming environment, we took root for a couple of hours, enjoying a leisurely pint (or 2).

While here we discovered that they serve take-away beer. Take-away beer! Such a brilliant concept, you can purchase your favourite beer (or beers) in 2 pint cartons. As we have different tastes in ale, we chose our favoured pint, had it boxed up, and are currently enjoying them in the comfort of our own living room! 
All in all, a pretty fabulous bank holiday Sunday. If only there were more in the calendar!

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