Thursday, 23 June 2016

Independent Businesses - The Healing Shed

Recently I've been feeling sluggish and more than a little lethargic. It had been a while since my last break from work, so last week I headed off to (occasionally) sunny Norfolk for a few days of relaxation. It was much needed. As with everything the stresses of work and the every-day build up until it's take a break, or actually break. It's worked wonderfully, I'm feeling pretty great! However this isn't all attributable to my little trip away. A couple of days before setting off I was lucky enough to visit the lovely Jennifer in her beautiful Healing Shed.

I met Jennifer at a fundraising pamper evening for the Bedford Daycare Hospice. She was one of the wonderful volunteers who had sacrificed their evening to provide treatments for attendees, all in the name of donating their fees to the Hospice. Having been treated to a back massage with Jen (which was heavenly), we got talking about her life and what other treatments she offers. Whilst there are a multitude of strings to Jen's ever-increasing bow, her passion for Reiki really caught my attention.

I had never experienced reiki before, and knew very little about it, but Jen was more than happy to talk to me about it and offer me insight into its meaning and purpose, a well as inviting me to a session.

Reiki was developed by a Japanese buddhist in the early 1920s, and centres on the concept of transferring positive or healing energy from the practitioner to the client through the placement of hands. Reiki masters train students in the field, and the knowledge is passed on from master to student and so on and so forth.

Jennifer has been conscientiously working on developing a space on her property at home to practice from, transforming a space on her land into a beautiful, tranquil spot for her clients to visit for a number of treatments, including reflexology, deep tissue massage and, of course, reiki. You can find out more on her website here

When I arrived, I was taken through to Jen's back garden, a beautiful space. I was taken through to the treatment space, where Jen told me a little more about her ambitions for the business. She has a series of workshops available for people to attend. These include meditation, reiki levels 1 & 2, smudge stick making, dreamcatcher workshops and reiki shares, with more to be added soon. It's clear just from talking to Jen that she genuinely adores what she does, and has a powerful desire to help others.

The treatment began with Jen asking me to lie down on the treatment bed. She then placed specific gemstones at various spots around me, and began the session.

It's incredibly difficult to describe the session, as I was so calm and relaxed, I very nearly drifted off! Jen was aware from having given me a back massage that I struggle with upper back issues, so she focussed on this area. She placed her hands at specific points and held them there for short periods of time, whilst I relaxed, eyes closed, listening to the sound of the birds in her garden and enjoying the stillness. I came away feeling incredibly peaceful, and felt throughout the session a strong sense of positive wellbeing.

It was perfectly lovely. Jennifer has created a beautiful little nook for her clients to visit, and she is such a lovely presence to be around, you would be hard-pressed to leave feeling anything but rested and serene. I really do believe that you are only capable of having a positive experience with a person who has a true enthusiasm for what they do. Jen is such a person. Friendly, warm and welcoming, she is an open book, so willing to talk about her craft and explain the reasons behind what she does, and you leave feeling as though you have made a wonderful new friend. Having never tried reiki before, I'd certainly go back to see her. That relaxed feeling is addictive!

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