Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Independent Businesses - Cleanse & Wellbeing (Forever Living)

There is a wealth of opportunity these days for everybody to dip their toes into the realm of self-employment. No longer restricted by having to rent or own premises, the internet and social media have flung open the doors of possibility, you just need to have the drive and motivation to give it a go.

There are companies out there facilitating these opportunities, encouraging individuals to invest in products in order to build their own businesses. There is still a certain level of scepticism about such endeavours, so I took the chance to speak to Caroline, an active advocate of Forever Living products and owner of Cleanse & Wellbeing, to find out about the viability and lifestyle that comes from being involved.

I met Caroline at the D'Parys birthday event, mentioned in an earlier post. We did the stereotypical thing of chatting in the ladies restroom and quickly discovering that we have things in common (both gluten intolerant, it's amazing how these things encourage bonding!).

Bubbly, friendly and smart, Caroline told me about her business, and how much she believes in the products she sells. When you experience intolerances, whether they be dietary or other, you quickly become used to checking out the viability of different products and develop an interest in what you put into, and onto, your body. We arranged a get-together so that she could tell me more about what she does.

Previously working in HR, Caroline found herself in the tricky situation of facing redundancy last year. Testament to her character, instead of resting on her laurels, she looked at other opportunities in which to invest her time. An old school friend introduced her to the idea of Forever Living and encouraged her to find out more.

Forever Living is an American company, founded in Arizona, it has been running for 38 years and spans 150 countries. The products they offer are aloe vera-based (they farm their own aloe), and cover everything from health, beauty, fitness, home and pets. With a wealth of dietary supplements, skincare, weight management, cosmetics, vitamins and probiotics, they aim to cover all aspects of life.

Caroline has flown since starting up her own branch, hitting her first month's target in the first week! She talked to me about how she enjoys the social aspect of the job, and loves getting out there and meeting people, talking to them about the products that she believes can help them. She's a huge advocate for good customer service. Just speaking with her confirms that she cares a great deal about the clients she has gained and the quality of the products that she sells. Currently she is holding at least 2 events a month, whether face to face or online (you can find her Facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/CleanseAndWellbeing/), and she is also happy to come and talk to anybody  who may interested in her products. I was lucky enough to receive some samples, and I have to say, they've worked wonders. I'm particularly taken with the Aloe Heat Lotion. As someone who suffers with a recurring back problem, when the pain kicked in a few days ago, I decided to give it a try. It really did help, and i managed to go about my day with little discomfort. Needless to say, I've ordered a bigger batch! The lip balm is also a treasure, my lips feel so soft since using it. The shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, gel, I've yet to try any of my samples without finding a new gem.

It's lovely to know that, by placing an order with Caroline, I'm not just ordering a product that I will be happy to use, but I'm also helping her expand and strengthen her business. This lady has plans. Currently developing her website, she wants to build a team of her own, and wants to nurture others who want to give running their own business a try. Whilst she may have been dealt a hard hand with her previous career, it's admirable that she has dived straight into a new career path and has given it her all. It's clearly paying off and she deserves every positive outcome she achieves.

Caroline has an event coming up on Friday 29th April at The Cock Inn, Wootton from 7pm. I urge you to visit her, have a chat and find out more.                   

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