Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Independent Businesses - Kels Belles Beauty Bedford

As I've been telling you all recently, I've been embarking on a mission to write up about independent businesses. It's so easy to visit your nearest chain store and pick up what you need, but what these places offer in convenience, they lack in the personal experience. Independent business owners are a huge part of our community and require support and our custom to thrive. Having asked my friends for suggestions about who I could post about, I was put into contact with Kelly-Marie Parker, the lovely owner of Kels Belles Beauty. She invited me down for a chat and to get my nails done, so on Saturday I paid her a visit.

The first impression you get as you wander down to the salon is just how quaint it's surroundings are. Based in Clair Court on Lime Street in Bedford, you would never know that you were in the centre of town. Quiet, relaxed and charming, Kels Belles is set in a lovely courtyard, removed from the noise and fuss of the high street.

As I entered, I was greeted by Kelly. At 26, Kelly has been running her own business for 2 years, and set up the salon last May. It's gorgeous. Elegant to look at, with soft colours and a cozy space, there's clearly been a lot of work put in. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the staff equally so.

I sat down at the nail station and Kelly helped me pick a colour whilst she talked me through the products she uses. She clearly knows her stuff, and invests time into looking for the best products possible. I commented that her prices are so reasonable that her mark ups can't be huge. The lovely thing about Kelly is, as she stated herself, she'd rather keep prices low and know that her customers will come back to her because of the quality of her products, rather than charge people a fortune and lose their custom in the long run.

I went for a beautiful heather tone for my nails and Kelly set to work. We chatted as she worked on my nails, and I was struck by what a forward-thinking business woman she is. Having worked in beauty for 8 years, Kelly has worked her way up the ladder and has no plans on stopping yet. About to embark on a teaching qualification, she told me that she'd like to get to a point where she can train others in certain products, and would eventually like to open more salons.

We spoke about how Kels Belles came about, and it was simply that she set her mind to it, worked hard, and is now reaping the rewards. As Kelly stated herself, "It's easy if you think positively".

Offering a multitude of treatments, Kels Belles may be small but it has a huge amount to offer. Gelish nails, Lycon waxing, hair treatments, lashes, spray tans, the list goes on. The biggest deal currently running at the salon is the HD Brows treatment. Currently 50% off the first treatment, so get down there quick! I've already had my patch test done ready for my next visit.

One of the treatments Kelly is really proud of is the Lycon wax. An all-natural, hot wax, Lycon can remove the smallest, finest of hairs and is hugely popular. Unlike regular waxing, Lycon can be used in the same place several times and is great for those of you with sensitive skin, and even pregnant women. Kelly assured me it's less painful than regular waxing, so I may even be brave and give it a try!

Visiting the salon was a truly lovely experience. Kelly and Ashley, the resident hair stylist, are friendly and chatty. Too often, you feel rushed and awkward at nail appointments, just the next in a long line of people waiting their turn. This could not be less true of Kels Belles. Even the other customers got involved in the conversation, giving the morning a social, fun feel.

At the end of my treatment, I was left with gorgeous nails and a pampered, content frame of mind, plus some lovely cuticle oil to keep my nails looking wonderful on the recommendation of Kelly.

Kelly is hoping to host a special 1st birthday gathering for the salon, so as soon as I hear anything I will keep you posted.
You don't just get a treatment when you visit Kels Belles, you get and experience, and leave feeling like you've made new friends, you really can't ask for much more. This is definitely one to watch, I have a feeling Kelly and the Kels Belles team are going to go far. Pop down for a treatment or two, you won't regret it!

If you want more information about Kels Belles, you can find the salon on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Kelsbellesbeauty/?fref=nf, the website will be up soon, and there will be more photos to follow, so keep your eyes peeled.

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