Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Festive frenzy

Ok, I have been utterly rubbish at updating you all recently I know. This time of year always seems to turn into a frenzy of shopping, socialising and trying to catch up on everything important at work, attempting to avoid the inevitable 'what did I forget to do?' moment that happens to all of us the minute we leave, not to return until January has settled.

This year is no exception, and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. So this is a whistle-stop tour of the past week.

My home town seems to have turned into a hub of newness recently, with brand-spanking new coffee shops, ice-cream parlours, patisseries and bars springing up all over the place. Last Thursday was the 1 year birthday of one of my favourite newer additions, Lost & Found. A quirky little space just off of Bedford High Street, you'll find some of the best cocktails available for any excuse you can muster. Scrubbed wooden benches and bottled light-bulbs make for an offbeat but snug atmosphere. All cocktails were on offer for £5 on their birthday so we headed down there to help them celebrate.

Just some of the lovely concoctions on offer at Lost & Found

The very same evening, we'd been invited to the official opening of Artisan Tap, a new bar on the High Street, replacing the much-loved and now-missed Bear pub. My rather gorgeous friend is working in the newly opened 'Tap', and the opportunity of a good catch-up and the chance to suss out the new spot was too much to refuse.
As a former patron of The Bear, I was wary of its replacement, but I really did enjoy it! Prosecco on tap, artisan spirits by the bucket-load and 80s music in the background, what's not to like? It looks great, and while it's not the same beloved High Street spot it once was, I'd recommend anyone local or just passing through to give it a chance, I don't think you'll find yourselves disappointed.

Friday night saw a much-needed and long-awaited catch up with friends (and lots of bubbles), Saturday night was spent celebrating a relative's 10 year wedding anniversary (congrats guys!), Sunday was all about rest and recuperation (my liver was in need of TLC and water!).

Alas there really is no rest for the wicked. Last night we went to Cineworld's secret cinema screening. So secret, the audience doesn't know what they'll be watching until it begins! I won't lie, I was (not so secretly) hoping a galaxy far, far away might pay an early visit, so when the infamous music didn't start there may have been a smidgen of disappointment. Not for long did that last though. In the Heart of the Sea was the film of choice. Starring Chris Hemsworth it tells the historical tale which inspired Herman Melville's Moby Dick. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and, if like me, you love a movie beast and some old-fashioned tale telling, it'll be one for you.

The rest of the week is pretty full-on too. Christmas lunch tomorrow, Christmas dinner on Friday night, a uni get-together with my old housemates at the weekend (I'm sure there'll be much to tell afterwards, so I'll try to stay coherent long enough to remember some of it!), a college get-together Sunday evening and then into Christmas week. I'm exhausted just thinking of it! I'll keep you all posted of my goings-on and anything interesting I may stumble upon.

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